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Due to software limitations beyond our control, some report layout formatting and/or printing controls, may prohibit any custom report from meeting all aspects of the client’s request.  We will attempt to disclose any such limitation prior to the start and/or completion of any custom report.  Such limitations cannot always be determined prior to the initial report development, hence the need to defray a portion of the technical service expended on the client’s behalf.  In the event that a complex feasibility study needs to be done in order to evaluate your custom report request, a fee of $75.00 will be charged to the credit card authorized, immediately upon completion of the feasibility study.   (Credit card information is required for any  feasibility study).  Upon completion of the feasibility study, we will provide you with an order form for the specific custom report for which the study was requested. If the report is purchased after the order form expiration date, no refunds to the feasibility study fee will be made.

Fax or email us a draft of the suggested report layout, along with your request.  This will minimize any errors or misunderstandings when the feasibility test is being done. FAX: 954-961-0552 E-Mail: info@crystalforpeachtree.com



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